Ho, Ho, Ho…Say It Isn’t So

It is hard to believe that I am posting about Christmas but technically there are only 8 weekends until it’s here! We have been working hard to stock up on some very cool gifts for the holiday season BUT if you do not see what you had in mind in our store, please talk with us, we would love to try and help you out. We have a nice selection of Ready to Run train sets that would be just perfect around the Christmas tree or maybe you would like a new drag car to race down the track. We are working on getting in some new RC products as well. We truly appreciate all the support and THANK YOU for shopping local and supporting your local family owned hobby shop.

What’s New at Strasburg Hobbies?

Just in….Strasburg Hobbies is now authorized dealers with Horizon Hobby (RC trucks, planes, boats, ,metal detectors & accessories), Lionel, Bachmann, Atlas, Atlas O, and Broadway Limited. We are also an authorized dealer with MTH. We have all the latest catalogs for your pre-order needs. Strasburg Hobbies would be glad to help you with any hobby needs. Also, remember that most of our inventory isĀ listed on our online store.



Heads-Up Pro Stock Class

This class is meant to be a budget friendly heads-up class. Please respect the guidelines to keep this class fun and fair.

1) Minimum weight = 100 grams
2) MUST be vacuum formed STYRENE car body. Bodies must be cut to show wheels. Must have clear windows or clear windscreen. NO F/Cs, NO Rails, NO Altereds, NO Pro Mods.
3) Must have a 3 dimensional painted full interior.
4) Must run WRP C-06 Chassis. NO cutting for lightening allowed. You may enlarge mounting holes for correct fit or for pinion rear clearance. Extra bracing may be added.
5) Must be .082″ Stainless tubing main rails (front to back), any size uprights allowed.
6) Must run rear axle bushings on 3/32″ axle (NO bearings allowed).
7) Front wheels 3/4″ minimum O.D. Must be in upright position and turn.
8) Rear wheels MINIMUM size .500″ wide by 1-1/16″ O.D. (May be larger).
10) Must be 64 pitch 16 tooth pinion gear.
11) Must be 64 pitch 46 tooth crown gear.
12) Final legality will be up to the race directorā€™s discretion.
13) Will be run heads up on a pro 2 light tree.

More information will be posted about how the class will run. We would like to have at least a 16 car field and there will be qualifying rounds.