1. Minimum weight = 100 grams
  2. MUST be vacuum formed STYRENE car body. Bodies must be cut to show wheels. Must have clear windows or clear windscreen. NO F/Cs, NO Rails, NO Altereds, NO Pro Mods. Bodies may resemble current or previous NHRA Pro Stock bodies.
  3. Must have a 3 dimensional painted full interior.
  4. Must run WRP C-06 Chassis. NO cutting for lightening allowed. You may enlarge mounting holes for correct fit or for pinion rear clearance. Extra bracing may be added.
  5. Must be .082″ Stainless tubing main rails (front to back), any size uprights allowed.
  6. Must run rear axle bushings on 3/32″ axle (NO bearings allowed).
  7. Front wheels 3/4″ minimum O.D. Must be in upright position and turn.
  8. Rear wheels MINIMUM size .500″ wide by 1-1/16″ O.D. (May be larger).
  9. Sealed JK Hawk 7 Motor (ABSOLUTELY NO MODIFICATIONS). The motor must be mounted facing downward toward the track.
  10. Must be Sonic 64 pitch 16 tooth pinion gear. Must be able to get tech tool over the gear. No lightweight gears.
  11. Must be Sonic 64 pitch stamped 46 tooth crown gear. 
  12. Final legality will be up to the race director’s discretion.
  13. Will be run heads up on a pro 2 light tree.
  14. We asked that racers not use heavy glue.
  15. No form of delay box controllers permitted.

We would like to have at least a 16 car field and there will be qualifying rounds.