“Top 10 List Rules and Guidelines”

“King of King Street”

  1. Those who wish to list race must understand that their presence is required at least every other race. If you do not attend at least every other race, you will forfeit your spot on the list.
  2. Only one car per driver in the top ten list.
  3. All list drivers must race their own car.
  4. Racers trying to enter the top ten list must first beat the shop car.
  5. All cars must run a completed hard body model with interior, windshields, and bumpers.
  6. There are no limits to motors, tires, or controllers.
  7. Racing will be heads up with a single light start.
  8. The yellow lights on the tree will be covered. All tv screens will be turned off during list racing. All participants will be required to stand in front of the timing computer screen.
  9. The track will be cleaned before any list racing takes place. Drivers will only be able to do a single glue rollout no further than the 60 foot mark, but you can clean up to the tree.
  10. In the event of a car coming out of the slot, it will be considered a default and the win will go to the opposing lane. If both cars come out of the slot, it will be considered a scratch race, no one will move up or down on the list.
  11. In the event that a car breaks, the win will go to the opposing lane. If both cars break, the car that travels the furthest will take the win.
  12. In the event that one car breaks and the other car comes out of the slot, the car that breaks will take the win.
  13. For your pass to count, it must register through the sensors in the track.
  14. You can only call out the racer directly above you on the list.
  15. All call outs must go through Mike.
  16. You may call out a racer through the Strasburg Hobbies Facebook page within 48 hours of the scheduled race.
  17. You can only call out two racers per night.
  18. If you are called out, you only have five minutes to be at the starting line
  19. If for any reason your car is unable to race that night, Mike must be aware before any racing takes place. This means before all racing, not just list racing.
  20. List racing will take place after the regularly scheduled races.
  21. No practicing before list racing. Practice takes place two hours prior to the scheduled races or you may come in during regular business hours.
  22. If you are called out and not present that day, you will need to be available for the next race or forfeit your spot. Family or work related problems are exceptions.
  23. The racer who holds the #1 spot, “THE KING OF KING STREET,” will have to race at least every other race.